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Washington Fiddlers Project Panel Discussion - An edited transcript of the panel discussion at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Port Townsend, Washington, July 2, 1986, as a part of the Washington Fiddlers Project, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, and initially administered by Centrum Foundation. This panel discussion includes a selection of some of the most prominent Washington State fiddlers at that time, moderated and conducted by Washington State Folklorist, Jens Lund; Alan Jabbour from the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress; Frank Ferrel, Director of the Festival of American Fiddle tunes; and Vivian Williams, chief field researcher for the project. Note: This is a long article, but worth reading for a glimpse into the traditional dance fiddling of the Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Pioneer Fiddlers by Vivian Williams - A compilation of known 19th century fiddlers in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia, with histories, tunes played, and photos.

Early Bluegrass in Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest - A personal account by Phil Williams - How bluegrass came to and developed in the Pacific Northwest from right after WWII to 1980 with names of significant performers and photos.

The Essential Fiddle Tune Books - A highly opinionated listing of some of the classic fiddle tune books compiled by Vivian Williams.

So You Think You Can't Play by Ear - Yes you can! By Vivian Williams

The Circle of Fifths - An explanation of the "circle of fifths," which is essential to know in the chord structure of Western music. A useful bit of music theory for traditional musicians. By Vivian Williams

Jam Session Etiquette - What you need to know successfully to participate in a jam session, by Vivian WIlliams

Relaxed Picking on Guitar and Mandolin - How to use a flatpick to avoid injury and play better, by Phil Wlliams

Tendinitis Problems of Musicians - Identification, Prevention, Treatment - How to avoid and solve tendinitis problems from the personal experience of Phil Williams.

Playing For Old Time Dances - Tips and techniques for successful playing of old time couple, contra and square dances for all the musicians in the band. By Vivian and Phil Williams.

Voyager Recordings - Article in The Devil's Box, Summer 1994

Why Our Recordings Are Not Found in Stores - A Personal Perspective - How the record distribution system has failed traditional music. By Phil Williams