Our releases encompass many of the fiddle and oldtime music styles found in the U.S. and Canada. The categorization of fiddle music by regional styles is not an exact process, especially with the sharing among fiddlers of tunes and styles from all regions which has been made possible by recordings and travel. This can be particularly difficult in the Pacific Northwest where, since the days of the Oregon Trail, musicians from many different musical backgrounds had to learn each other's material to have enough musician to form a band. So, the categories in this listing are pretty broad and are intended primarily to allow rapid access to those recordings in a genre of particular interest to you. There also will be some overlapping of entries as Northwest fiddlers often play in more than one style. Recordings especially suitable for dancing also are listed in the "Dance Recordings" section. Click on the style name to bring up the listing of recordings.

Northwest - A listing of releases of Pacific Northwest artists, including many who play in the traditional Pacific Northwest style. Artists listed here include: Vivian Williams, Barbara Lamb, Bob Simmons, Joe Pancerzewski, Salmonberry, Gil Kiesecker, Floyd Engstrom, Phil Williams, Pat Spaeth, and others.

Canadian and New England - Our catalog includes several fiddlers from Canada. There always has been a substantial sharing of tunes and stylistic elements between Canadian and U.S. fiddlers. Western Canadian and western U.S. oldtime dance fiddlers share a fairly similar repertoire, and some Northwest fiddlers play in a style clearly identifiable as "Canadian." New England fiddlers often have more in common with Canadian styles than with other regions of the U.S. Artists in this category include: Gerry Robichaud, Louis Boudreault, Grant Lamb, Myllie Barron, and Joe Pancerzewski.

Southeastern U.S. and Missouri - The fiddle styles of Southeast U.S. are perhaps the best known popularly as they have had much more popular exposure than other traditional U. S. fiddle styles. Many younger generation old time musicians emulate this style. We are including "Missouri" style fiddling in this category as it has much in common with Southeast fiddling. Artists in this category include: Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers, Howard Marshall, Pete McMahan, John White, John Williams, Lee Stripling, Leroy Canaday, Billy Lee, and Allen Hart.

Scandinavian-American - Many fiddlers and dance musicians in the Pacific Northwest came to the region from Scandinavia. A lot of them (or their ancestors) came to North Dakota from Scandinavia as a result of the railroad's advertising of good farm land there. When the "good" farm land proved unable to sustain life, many of these families moved to the Pacific Northwest. Others, including one of the earliest Seattle fiddlers we know of, came directly from Scandinavia by boat, often to work in the fishing and timber industries. There are many Scandinavian dances and dance musicians in our region. Artists in this category include: Jeff and Jane Anderson and Nordic Exposure.

Texas/Oklahoma - The unique fiddle style developed in Texas and Oklahoma has become the predominant style of fiddling heard at fiddle contests in the West. Although it is sometimes referred to as "Contest" style fiddling, there are many other facets to Texas and Oklahoma fiddling, including cross-tuning, old time dance fiddling, and Western Swing. It is believed that this style originated among the cowboys on the early Western cattle trails to the railroad depots in the Midwest. Artists in this category include Benny Thomasson and Gary Lee Moore.

Bluegrass - The Northwest hosts some bluegrass bands. Artists include: Twin Sisters and Williams & Bray.

Cajun - Cajun music originated as a unique musical style among the French settlers who were evicted from Canada in the 18th century and settled in the bayou region of Louisiana. The music almost always is played for dancing. The style has spread throughout the country and there are now "Cajun" bands in most major cities. We have only one release in this genre: Louisana's own Marc Savoy with Dewey Balfa and D. L. Menard.

Dance - Some of the releases listed in this category were recorded specifically for dancing. Other releases include tunes suitable for dancing. All of these recordings are listed in other regional style listings, as appropriate. Artists listed include: Vivian Williams, Pat Spaeth, Marc Savoy, Williams & Bray, Salmonberry

Gospel - Many of the recordings on Voyager contain instrumental and/or sung versions of Gospel songs. At present, we have one all gospel instrumental CD in our catalog, which is on the Liondog label. Artists are: Vivian Williams and Rick Ruskin.

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