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VRCD 301

Old-time fiddle contests are flourishing all over the country, and offer an occasion for fiddlers to get together and have a good time as well as to compete for prizes. The larger contests attract fiddlers from all over the country. Some of the best fiddling can be found in jam sessions in motel rooms, hotel lobbies, parks, bars, and campgrounds. Recordings made under these conditions may sacrifice a little bit of recording quality, instrumental balance and performance perfection, but their liveliness and spontaneity can't be duplicated on stage or in a studio.

The selections on this record were recorded at jam sessions at various fiddle contests and festivals around the Pacific Northwest. Selections number 3, 6 and 21 were recorded at the National Fiddle Contest held in Missoula, Montana in 1964. Numbers 26 and 35 were recorded at a Washington Old Time Fiddle Association show in Port Orchard, Washington in 1970. Numbers 25 and 37 were recorded at the 1971 Tenino Old Time Music Festival. The remaining selections were recorded at the National Old Time Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho between 1965 and 1970.

Recorded by Phil & Vivian Williams & Richard Ponshock.

Digitally remastered from master tapes originally released as Voyager LP 301 "Fiddle Jam Session" in 1967 and LP 304 "More Fiddle Jam Sessions" in 1972.

Cover art: 1870 Currier & Ives print of the Arkansas Traveller.

1. Sourwood Mountain (1:30) Lonnie Pierce (Louisville, KY)

2. Grey Eagle (1:40) Bill Long (Billings, MT)

3. Bill Cheatham (2:33) Dave Frisbee (Emmett, ID), Byron Berline (Caldwell, KS), Texas Shorty (TX)

4. East Tennessee Blues (1:15) Jim Widner (Darby, MT)

5. Devil's Dream (1:03) Bill Mitchell (Tupelo, MS), Vivian Williams (Seattle, WA)

6. Jean LaTippe (1:00) Loyd Wanzer (Caldwell, ID)

7. Lost Indian (1:30) Byron Berline

8. Hell Among the Yearlings (1:06) Bill Mitchell

9. Swinging Fiddles (2:34) Bud Meredith (Louisville, KY), Lonnie Peerce, with Sam Bush (Bowling Green, KY) on mandolin

10. Jack of Diamonds (:56) Dwayne Youngblood (Payette, ID)

11. Sally Goodin (:55) J.C. Gentle (Mollala, OR), Bill Mitchell

12. Sally Johnson (2:10) Byron Berline

13. Leather Britches (1:55) Bill Long

14. Arkansas Traveller (2:13) Byron Berline

15. Black Mountain Rag (3:25) Lonnie Pierce

16. Fort Smith (:52) Fay Sneed (Weiser, ID)

17. Sally Johnson/Katy Hill (1:06) Bill Long

18. Flop-Eared Mule (1:19) Don Wiles (Page, ID), Jim Widner, Vivian Williams

19. The Waltz of the Bluegrass (1:40) Lonnie Pierce. Lonnie's original composition.

20. Monroe's Hornpipe (2:19) Byron Berline

21. Apple Blossom (2:05) Texas Shorty, Byron Berline

22. Arkansas Traveller (1:00) Bill Long, Bill Mitchell

23. Rye Whiskey (1:17) Ora Spiva (Modesto, CA)

24. Wagonner (2:00) Bill Long

25. Snow Deer (1:46) Don Gish (Yakima, WA), Loyd Wanzer

26. Turkey in the Straw (1:08) Ray Osborne (Tacoma, WA) originally from Kansas

27. Bailey's (:55) Llewellyn Sexsmith (Whitehorse, Yukon)

28. Cluck Old Hen (:24) Ora Spiva

29. Cluck Old Hen (1:46) Bill Long

30. Spotted Pony (1:06) Pete McMahan (Harrisburg, MO)

31. Fishers Hornpipe (1:36) Bill Mitchell, Vivian Williams

32. Whiskey Before Breakfast (1:52) Dick Barrett (Pottsboro, TX)

33. Eighth of January (1:12) Bill Long, Ora Spiva

34. Victory Breakdown (:58) Llewellyn Sexsmith

35. Cacklin Hen (1:35) Ray Osborne

36. Charleston Number Two (:48) Bill Mitchell

37. Possum Up The Gum Stump (1:18) Don Gish, Loyd Wanzer

38. Lost Indian (:56) Ora Spiva

39. Leather Britches (2:43) Bill Long, Bill Mitchell, Vivian Williams

30. Fiddlin Rag (1:47) Bill Long

31. Hell on the Wabash (:52) Pete McMahan

32. Sally Goodin (2:30) Bill Long & Bill Mitchell

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