Liner Notes


VRCD 316

Barbara Lamb and Vivian Williams aren't sisters, but they fiddle so well together that you would never guess. They both grew up in the Puget Sound country and approach their music with the same attitude of fun and relaxation. When Barbara was just starting to play fiddle, Vivian was her teacher. Both have been playing fiddle for a long time, and are familiar with a variety of styles including bluegrass, swing, Canadian, and Scandinavian. On this recording Barbara plays lead fiddle and Vivian plays harmony.

Vivian Williams has been fiddling since about 1960. She has played with many bluegrass bands and dance ensembles, and has won a number of state, regional and national fiddle contests over the years.

Barbara Lamb acquired a solid background in Scandinavian old time dance fiddling by the time she was twelve, and then played with several regional bluegrass bands. She was a founding member of the well-known band Ranch Romance for six years, and now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

Backup is provided by Tall Timber, a prominent Seattle bluegrass band for almost 20 years, featuring Vivian Williams - fiddle, Phil Williams - mandolin, Barney Munger - banjo, Dick Marvin - guitar, and Lou Harrington - bass.

The tunes reflect a wide range of sources and styles. Many come from the Southeastern United States or from Ireland via Canada; Twin Sisters is French Canadian, Dry Creek Reel comes from North Dakota, and Gärdebylåten is a Swedish walking tune.

Recorded in Seattle, Washington November 1974 - January 1975

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