Liner Notes


Vivian Williams, fiddle; Harley Bray, banjo; Phil Williams, guitar & bass

1. Sarah Brown (V. Williams) - A sprightly tune named after the caretaker of the Squire Creek County Campground up in the Cascades near Darrington, Washington.

2. Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand - A traditional square dance tune.

3. Mountain Time (V. Williams) - Since 1965 Vivian and Phil have been going to the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho, on the Snake River just before it enters Hells Canyon. About the time the river comes into view on Highway 80, there is a sign announcing that you are entering the Mountain Time Zone. That was the inspiration for this tune.

4. Winter Moon (V. Williams) - A haunting tune reflecting the magic of the full moon with black clouds skirting its bottom in the middle of winter with snow on the ground across a meadow on one of the northern islands of the San Juans.

5. Squire Creek (V. Williams) - Named for the Squire Creek Campground where Vivian, Phil, Harley, and their band have spent many pleasant hours jamming around a campfire in the midst of the tall evergreens.

6. Jean LaTippe - A traditional tune Vivian learned many years ago from legendary Idaho fiddler Loyd Wanzer.

7. Gobblers Knob (V. Williams) - This is the name of the location of a fire lookout on Mt. Rainier.

8. Oregon Trail (V. Williams) - The Pacific Northwest was settled by pioneers following the Oregon Trail. The ruts made by their wagons can still be seen in parts of the Trail today. Vivian asked two friends what she should name this tune. Independently they both said it should be named for the Oregon Trail, so it was.

9. Mississippi Sawyer - An old square dance tune.

10. Pleasures of Home (Berdan) - This beautiful tune in E flat was written by a North Dakota fiddler in 1882.

11. Ape Cave Blues (V. Williams) - Ape Cave is an old lava tube formation near Mt. St. Helens, reported to be the home of Sasquatches.

12. Sand Hill (V. Williams) - The site of O.C. Helton's log cabin near Darrington, Washington.

13. Dance Around Molly - An old square dance tune.

14. Redstone (V. Williams) - Redstone is an Indian town on British Columbia's Chilcotin plateau, a vast, awe-inspiring expanse where the old West of Canada can still be found.

15. Kiss Me Waltz (B. Monroe) - This simple, beautiful waltz is what waltzing is all about.

16. Chicken Under the Washtub (V. Williams) - There really was a chicken under the washtub, but that's a longer tale than space permits. It got away and we didn't have chicken dinner that night.

17. GREEN TOMATO BLUES (V. Williams) - Getting all your tomatoes to ripen during Seattle's growing season is nearly impossible.

18. CLUCK OLD HEN - A traditional tune played as a banjo and fiddle duet by Vivian and Harley.

19. OSO (V. Williams) - Oso is a small town up the valley of the Stillaguamish River.

20. RYEGRASS (V. Williams) - This tune is named for a mountain summit east of the Cascades.

21. NORTH TRUNK HIGHWAY (V. Williams) - Highway 99 north from Seattle was called this in the early days.

Vivian Williams, Harley Bray, and Phil Williams have been performing traditional music for over three decades. For the past few years they have been playing oldtime dances and bluegrass and traditional music festivals with their band based in Seattle. Vivian has won many fiddle contests in the West and Canada, and is well-known for her dance fiddling. Harley performed in the Midwest with the Bray Brothers and the Bluegrass Gentlemen in the early 1960's, where he developed his smooth melodic banjo styling. Phil usually provides guitar backup for Vivian at dances and fiddle contests.

Many of the tunes on this recording were written by Vivian and are published in the Voyager Brand New Old Time Fiddle Tunes series. Though traditional in approach, these tunes embody her uniquely Northwest musical perception. They reflect life in a lush land of forests, rain, inland seas, and jagged snowy mountains, as well as the rolling wheat fields, rivers, farmlands, and deserts of the lands between the Cascades and the Rockies.

Recorded 1987-88 at Voyager's Studio, Seattle, WA.

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