Liner Notes


Jeffrey Anderson grew up in a musical family in Waterville, Washington. His parents, grandparents and other relatives played music at home and for dances. He remembers falling asleep at grandma's house as a child listening to fiddle tunes. When he was six, his grandma showed him how to play chords on her pump organ and taught him the importance of keeping time for dancers. At fifteen, Jeff took up the fiddle. Sadly, both of his fiddling grandfathers had passed away by then but their influence was strongly imprinted in his memory. With his father's advice that "it works better if you can figure it out yourself," he picked up his grandfather's retired fiddle. He studied old pictures to imitate the hand and bow position and, along with the tunes in his head, listened to recordings and taught himself to play. Since then Jeff has played around the country at dances and many other events. He has been an active member of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers' Association, teaching workshops and winning contests since 1969.

Jane Johnson, from Olympia, has played buttonbox about 15 years. As a child she played piano accordion. She remembers her parents rolling up the rug on Saturday nights to share music and dance with the neighbors. She was drawn to Scandinavian music in part because of her father's love of it, which came from his Minnesota roots. In the late eighties, Ed Morken of Centralia introduced Jane to the buttonbox and put it in her lap for the first time. Another strong influence was Tor Aage Johansen, a superb accordion player from Norway, who graciously shared his music, talent and Nordic spirit.

1. Sølvbryllupsvalsen (The Silver Wedding Waltz) by Terje Hong, Norway
2. Syvers Mazurka by Syver Nyseter, Norway
3. Böl Olle-låten, Swedish schottis as played by Trof Olof Olson
4. Kalle Almlöf Snoa, learned from American Swedish Institute CD
5. Säbb Anders Vals, Swedish waltz learned from American Swedish Institute CD
6. Druttjinkeils-leitjen Tune (Drunken Man Masurka) by Anders Holtsberg, Sweden
7. No Name Schottis, learned from Tor Aage Johansen, Bodr, Norway
8. 17th of Mai Polsen a/k/a VDrvindar Friska (Fresh Spring Winds)
9. Kyrklåt (Church tune) composed by Arne Modén, Sweden
10. Storviksætra Waltz (Storvik Mountain Farm) Norway
11. Styggen på Låven Reinlender (Devil in the Barn) Norway
12. Tankfulla låten (The Thoughtful Tune) by Paul Dahlin, Minnesota
13. Vals from Valberg learned from Tor Aage Johansen, Bodr, Norway
14. A Finnish Polka by FootLoose, Dean Herington, North Carolina
15. Pols composed by Børre Holmstad, Norway
16. Mai Waltz composed by Børre Holmstad, Norway
17. Kleivalanden Pariser Polka, Sunnfjord, Norway
18. Granåsen Hambopolska from GranDsen, Sweden
19. Mummun Peli Schottis from Finland
20. Drevsjø Valsen (Waltz from Drevsjr, Norway) learned from Carolyn
Anderson, California
21. Lofotingen Reinlender composed by Trygve Kirkesæter, Norway
22. Wiggen Polka composed by Rubert Wigg, a/k/a Hej Polka, Norway

A huge thank you to everyone for the time and talent involved in making this CD:
Phil and Vivian Williams for their "spirited" guidance in the recording studio.
Nordic Exposure Band members: Karen Goettling on Flute; John Rodius on Guitar; Rand Simmons, Bass, harmonies and arrangements; and Laurie Walton on Fiddle.
Former NE Band members: Jim Erlandson, Guitar and Kathy Erlandson, Fiddle and Harmonies on Tracks 1, 2, 5, 12, 18.
Egon Calundann, Cover Photo
and technical assistance.
Rick Westerman, Photo.

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