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VRCD 356


Gil Kiesecker was born in Anatone, Washington in the Blue Mountains in 1916. He began to play the fiddle at the age of nine and before that his musician father taught him to chord on a pump organ and the two of them played dances on Saturday nights. He played up until his induction into the Army and then put the fiddle down until 1974. He formed is own band in 1982. The local fiddling scene helped Gil get his chops back and he even learned some new tunes. Curiously, his children were grown and moved away before they even realized their dad was a fiddler.

Dance Fiddler from the Blue Mountains is a hefty 24-tune collection of mostly dance standards. Gil is accompanied by Jean Levold, piano; Stuart and Phil Williams, guitar with Phil supplying the bass and banjo.

Included are such tunes as "Fisher's," "Durang's Hornpipe," "St. Anne's Reel," "Tennessee Wagoner" and "Ragtime Annie." Fine as these renditions may be, the real joy is in listening to the more obscure numbers included on the collection. "The Blue Mountain Waltz" was a tune Gil played as a child and Elmer Bolinger is the source for "Twilight Waltz" and "Whalen's Breakdown."

This album serves as a wonderful repertoire source for some fine dance tunes. Nothing fancy here, just the good, solid Washington State fiddling of Gil Kiesecker. (Sing Out!)

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