The Scandinavian Dance Music duo of Johnson and Anderson, aided by present and former Northern Exposure bandmates and abetted by Phil and Vivian Williams, have produced a generous helping of waltzes, schottisches, and polkas that will keep folks on the floor when live music is unavailable. The disc is a superb collection of modern and traditional tunes, learned the old fashioned way by two who grew up steeped in this music and who have been top performers for decades. The record avoids lumping all the tunes of one type together, so it hops along delightfully and maintains the spirit of a dance in the old country. (Tom Petersen, Victory Review)

Johnson and Anderson (how Nordic can you get?) deliver a 22-song set of traditional Scandinavian dance tunes lovingly rendered on buttonbox accordion and fiddle. Anderson picked up his deceased grandfather's fiddle at age 15, following his father's advice that "it works better if you can figure it out yourself." Johnson played the piano accordion as a child, but took up the more traditional buttonbox as an adult. Together they relive the music that was almost gone when they were children: waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, schottisches, and walking tunes, with help from the band Nordic Exposure on five tunes. (Dirty Linen)

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