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. . . Also remarkably preserved is nonogenarian Canadian Myllie Barron, past national senior's oldtime fiddle champ. As the delightful liners notes to Riding on a Handcar explain, Barron has lived a life of movement and hard work, all the while playing fiddle for audiences that called for more from age 9 to the present day. Growing up north of the border, Barron's repertoire includes the expected Anglo-Celtic classics popular in the states but also doses of French Canadian fiddlin' and a few polkas: Barrn's got something for the different neighborhoods of his Canada, in which various nationalities assimilated slowly. Another Canadian characteristic is piano and accordion accompaniment, rather than a string band, for these tunes were born not of the barn dance but of the pioneer town saloon and prairie village social. It's a new old some for us down south. (Tom Petersen, Victory Review)


Fiddler Myllie Barron was born in Manitoba in 1910, and since the age of nine has been musically representing the traditions of northwestern Canada - English, Irish, French, and Metis. Myllie's roots are reflected in these 28 reels, jigs, hornpipes and waltzes, as well as some contemporary influences. Vivian Williams adds some fine piano backup. Barron's drive and lift and undiminished by his years. (Sing Out)

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