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Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings Selections
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Voyager Recordings & Publications is an independent recording and publishing company founded by Phil & Vivian Williams in 1967 to issue recordings, tune books, and instructional materials of traditional acoustic fiddle and string band music from the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America. Presently, we have over sixty CDs in press presenting over seventy fiddlers from throughout North America. Our goal is to put out music that we like and that we think other people will enjoy, and to help share and perpetuate traditional fiddle and string band music, with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest and Far West of North America.

To view our CDs, either by looking at our complete catalog by our issue number, or by regional styles or artists on our label, click on the "Catalog of Voyager Compact Discs." The price for our CDs is $15.00 plus shipping, unless otherwise stated. To order a CD online using PayPal, or by mail, see "How to Order."

Click on the "Instruction Materials, Tune Books, Articles" link to see our "Repertoire Builder" set of materials to learn new tunes for fiddle and mandolin, our tune books for fiddle and mandolin, our historically important Far West pioneer dance music books, "The Peter Beemer Manuscript," "The Haynes Family Manuscript," "The John Neilson Music Book,"our latests release "The Aurora Violin Manuscripts" (169 tunes played by the quadrille bands of 19th century Aurora, Oregon), the book and two CD set on traditional Missouri fiddling, "Now That's a Good Tune," "Songs and Dances of the Oregon Trail," "Play Me Something Quick and Devilish" (a history of Missouri fiddling written by Howard Wight Marshall and published by the University of Missouri Press, with a Voyager CD of fifty years of recording Missouri fiddlers), and Articles of interest to fiddlers, musicians, and dance players.

Click on "Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings Selections" to play selections from our field recordings of fiddlers made in the Pacific Northwest, in mp3 format, and to learn something about the fiddlers and the many types of fiddling found in this region. This is an ongoing project and will be added to as we continue to go through our extensive field recording archives. There is a link from this page to a "Fiddler Histories" page where more extensive information about some of the fiddlers can be found.

Jam Sessions at the Williams, Seattle - The Williams house in Seattle has seen many fiddle jams sessions, some of which have been recorded. Starting in 2002, there has been a regular monthly jam session on the first Wednesday of every month, open to all who show up. The fiddlers range from beginners to experts. All fiddle styles are welcome. The jam is completely non-competitive, with a focus on supporting and encouraging each other. As of about a year ago, over 1,500 different tunes have been played at this jam session. Some of these jam session have been recorded. There are mp3 music files of 76 tunes from some of these jam sessions at the Williams' house, Seattle, at Jams. This is an ongoing project and more tunes will be added from time to time.

Click on the photo, above, of Vivian & Phil Williams, proprietors of Voyager Recordings, for information about them, the history of Voyager Recordings, their historical pioneer fiddling live presentations, the recordings they have made, and their ballroom dance ensemble, Chassez.

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